I began writing screenplays in the 90s and to date I've completed one feature length adaptation, one original series bible/pilot, eleven original features, and several shorts.

With the exception of Play Date, which sold to Beneficial Entertainment in 2012, all of the scripts and treatments listed below are available. Email me at steve.spatucci@gmail.com for more information.

Play Date
black comedy
After a "sure thing" investment deal falls apart, four luckless fathers create an underground gambling ring – based on their own pre-teen kids competing against each other. When a snooping babysitter threatens to uncover the operation, the dads conspire to prevent their wives – and the world – from learning their secret.
* sold to Beneficial Entertainment *

The Final Trip
When a psych major dropout injures his foot while picking up a boat purchased by his late father in the Louisiana bayou, he accepts an offer from an awkward local misfit to drive him back home – only to discover during the two-day trip that his driving companion's friendliness and generosity may be covering up a dangerous tendency for obsession and violence.

Mere Mortal 
To escape the oppression of his corrupt teammates, a reluctant superhero seeks the help of a rogue scientist to permanently rid him of his powers.

The Powers That Be
conspiracy thriller
When a small-time news producer uncovers a devastating global conspiracy set forth by corrupt political elites, he struggles to protect his daughter from the forces out to silence him.
* 2014 ScreenCraft Action/Thriller Script Contest Semi-Finalist *

The Dimness Interval
serialized drama series
An underachieving teenager befriends a biology professor who aids him in developing a cure for genetic disease, propelling him into the roles of scientific luminary, defacto politician, religious heretic, international celebrity and potential savior of humankind.

found footage comedy
In recovery from a breakdown, a man's quirky therapy assignment is to make a video journal of himself – tracking down and confronting his childhood bully.

Battle of the Bands
When a doom metal band accidentally summons demonic forces during a club's talent competition, a high-strung singer has to convince the remaining groups to put aside their musical differences and save themselves and the captive audience from the rampaging forces of Hell.
* currently in production at Plasmic Studio *

Breach Point
supernatural thriller
An inquisitive student moves to a quiet seaside town and discovers that the former employees of a mysteriously burned down haunted attraction are hiding a secret: a boy who died in the fire may have returned as a malevolent spirit.
* adapted as a YA novel *

children's animated series
Five animal characters, each specializing in a different area of creativity (visual art, writing, acting/performing, music, and filmmaking) use their skills to collaborate on a different creative project each week.

Attract Mode
A disgruntled package delivery driver uncovers a never-released, before-its-time video game and plots to use it as a means to bring back the classic arcades of the 1980s.


A modernized gender-flipped Sleeping Beauty: After an underworld boss crashes his nephew's Christening, the boy's three uncles struggle to hide him until after the mandated time of his assassination - his sixteenth birthday.

supernatural thrillerIn a desperate attempt to stop a demonic cult before they can carry out an attack on the populace, an amoral detective forms a pact with a terminally ill man to give himself an ally beyond the grave.
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