feature length screenplay
conspiracy thriller

When a small-time news producer uncovers a devastating global conspiracy set forth by corrupt political elites, he struggles to protect his daughter from the forces out to silence him.

When news producer Jason Hayes attends a dry science press conference, he's shocked when the scientists reveal that they've uncovered evidence of a devastating global conspiracy. Jason leaves the event early – just before the scientists shoot themselves. Jason soon realizes that he's in possession of an envelope supposedly containing proof of the scientists' claims.

Before Jason can investigate the envelope, he's confronted by Darger, an acquaintance from his past who is now part of an underground survival group. Darger explains that the FBI has already confiscated the envelopes from the other members of the press and convinces Jason to come back with him to his group's headquarters. Defying his cautious nature, Jason agrees.

At the group's headquarters, Jason is told that global elites – all occultists – plan to use a scalar weapon to decimate the planet's population to create a more sustainable world. Jason balks at the group's wild claims. But after he returns home, his daughter Callie goes missing. Only then does Jason agree to join up with Darger's group to expose the elites and get his daughter back.
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