Battle of the Bands is an original animated action/comedy film. I wrote the screenplay, directed the voice actors, mixed the soundtrack, designed characters and backgrounds, and am currently in the process of animating the finished film.

The story takes place during one night at a heavy metal club where Arden, lead singer of Vehement Volition, pushes his band to win the club's annual battle of the bands competition. The evening is thrown off course when the Scandinavian doom metal band The Putrefication Principle invoke a demonic incantation that turns them into ravaging demons while sending the club into a nebulous void. Arden must gather the remaining bands – including his ex-girlfriend Ebaneen – and rally them to defeat the demons and return the club to Earth.

The final soundtrack will feature original music from Rock Improv-a-Ganza. You can read the script and listen to the finished audio on the website linked below.

opening credits

closing credits

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